3 of My Favorite Things

It’s Friday Favorites time again, and I’m excited to share three things that I’m loving right now! Some of my favorites (like the amazing people in my life) always make my list, while other favorites vary through the different seasons of life.


I’m really more of a barefoot, flip-flop or sandal wearing kind of girl, but I do love a good pair of boots in the winter. I’ve found that boots are a great staple for every woman’s closet. Pairing a cute boot with my outfit often adds the perfect finishing touch. Boots with a heel can dress up an outfit for work, while cowboy boots can lend a casual air to a dress.

Floral Prints

I don’t know what it is, but I gravitate towards floral prints. They’re feminine without being frilly. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and design to an outfit or a room. Toss a pretty floral pillow on a couch to add some interest. Grab a floral print kimono to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. What’s even better than a floral print? Freshly cut flowers to brighten up a table setting. You may not be a flower person, but I enjoy bringing a little bit of the outside in with fresh flowers.

Serving Trays

Serving trays – they can be bold, simple, elegant, classy, farmhouse-fresh, rustic. There’s one for pretty much every style. I don’t know about you, but I like spending time with friends and family, serving others, and dishes. So is it any surprise that I like a pretty yet practical serving tray? A tray can double (or should I say triple) as decor, serving ware, and an organizer.

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What are a few things you’re loving these days?