5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere in your home that’s both relaxing to you and welcoming to guests is not always easy, but it is achievable. These are five of my tips for creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere in your home.

1. Incorporate décor items that reflect your personality and interests.
You are an integral part of your home. Your home wouldn’t be your home without you. Select décor that is a reflection of you and your personality, and let your personal flair shine through the items you pick.

2. Maximize your entryway with the best furniture arrangements for your space.
Whether you have a large or small entryway, maximize your space with the best furniture and decor for the space you do have. If you have a small, tight entryway, skip the furniture and utilize wall decor to add interest. A well placed mirror, artwork, or a wall collage can create interest. If your home has a larger entryway, incorporate a dresser, accent table, chair, or bench into your design. Strategically place artwork, family photos, decorative items, and more to create a visual interest.

3. Add pops of color and texture.
I personally prefer a neutral base on which to build my design. Investing in classic furniture pieces and keeping the walls and flooring neutral provides a great backdrop. I find that it’s easier, and less expensive!, to add color and texture through artwork, decorative items, pillows, throws, dishes, and more. Brighten up an all white bathroom with a bright, patterned shower curtain. Add texture to your living room or bedroom with pillows in various sizes and fabrics. Bring some color into a room with a turquoise or red (or your favorite color!) TV cabinet. Keep a room grounded with a coordinating color scheme. Build on your neutral foundation and paint an accent color on a wall or two.

4. Mix practical and pretty.
The best furniture and decor items are those that are aesthetically pleasing yet serve a practical purpose. If you have a “no shoe” rule in the house, place a bench or chair, along with a basket for shoes, near your front door. Not only does this add interest to your entryway, it also serves a practical purpose in enforcing the “no shoe” rule. It especially makes it easier on your guests during the boot-wearing season!

There are some living room chairs out there that are great to look but are just plain ole uncomfortable to sit on. Who wants to sit and hang out when there’s no comfy place to sit and chat? Hunt for chairs that fit your style, complement your home, are comfortable to sit in, and look great. Follow the “practical and pretty” tip when selecting pieces for your home.

5. Infuse your home with a good attitude.
Let’s face it…no matter how beautifully designed a home is​, it’s not all that inviting without the host’s hospitality and good attitude. You make your home. You don’t have to have the “gift” of hospitality to make your guests feel welcomed. Greet them at the door. Relax and take time to enjoy quality time with your family and guests. Don’t worry about making everything perfect or having the perfect decor. Be you.