Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

One of my firm beliefs is that everyone has a purpose. Every single life has meaning. Every single person has unique gifts, talents, and personality traits that have the potential to make a life-long, deep, good impact. Not everyone chooses to use their gifts in a positive way, but all have the potential to be a light in their local community and the world.

Many people will use their gifts, talents, and personality to make a huge, positive impact in the world. Some will be in the public eye where all can see the good they do, while others will serve well behind the scenes. Whether our opportunities and personalities lead us to serve publicly, privately, or both, when we use our gifts and talents for good, we make a deep impact on our little part of the world.

You may wonder what in the world this has to do with breaking the cycle of poverty. When people know they have a purpose, unique gifts and talents, and are encouraged to dream big, I believe passions and dreams are fueled and something beautiful happens.

People begin to make an amazingly beautiful difference in their community and the world. People use their talents to make some pretty, fun, inventive, and unique products. Friends, family, and communities have a stronger connection.

Businesses explode.

Generosity increases.

Dreams are fulfilled.

Dignity is respected and restored.

Productivity and efficiency grows.

New opportunities are created.

People flourish.

Confidence is built.

Beauty abounds.

One of the best ways, in my opinion, to break the cycle of poverty is to give people the opportunity to express their own creativity. We can do this through creating market access, job opportunities, educational experiences, adventure, exploration, and encouragement. I love to see people have the opportunity to work for their dreams and their dreams become reality. “There is a lot of value, happiness, and self-respect that comes from working and earning…When individuals are given the freedom to faithfully pursue a vocation of choice that best utilizes their God-given talents, and do so with the understanding that this is their calling, they create value for society and serve others in the process. This enables individuals to flourish and creates widespread opportunities for dignified economic mobility and the alleviation of absolute poverty [Read more at]”