Month: February 2018

A Journey Through Romans

Are you ready?

It’s time for us to embark on a journey through Romans. I’m ready to dive in and study the book of Romans for the next four weeks. I would love for you to join me, starting this Sunday, as I travel through the pages of this book. Follow the reading plan below, and be ready to learn, grow, and be challenged!

On Day 7 of each week, take some time to reflect on what you’ve read and learned. Pray for the nation, your community, your family, and a fresh revelation from God. Work on memorizing Romans 5:1-5.

The Riches of Romans

Get ready, get set, let’s go!

I’ve wrapped up my study of Acts and am getting ready to dive into the book of Romans. It’s another book full of rich, convicting truth. I’m officially launching this next study and reading plan this week, so stay tuned! Get ready to grow in your faith and dig deep into God’s word. Who’s ready to join me on a journey through Romans?